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real estate tokenization and trading platform

Full-featured real estate token trading platform for institutional and individual investors.
Fully compliant Tokenization as a Service (TaaS) platform for real estate funds.

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Exchange Trading Real Estate Tokens is a full-featured exchange trading platform for real estate crypto-securities (tokens). We open up real estate investing for everyone: No minimum investment size or duration.
We provide market-making and price convergence on all listed real estate tokens.
Trade in and out of the world’s largest asset class without barriers.

Real Estate Tokenization as a Service

Swiss FINMA compliant Tokenization as a Service (TaaS) platform to launch real estate cryptosecurities at scale and legally sell your real estate token worldwide.
Token issuance, distribution and monitoring services. Access to a large community of institutional and retail investors. Low issuance, transaction, and operation fees.

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Thanks to anyone will be able to diversify a part of their savings into real estate easily with a few taps on their mobile device, removing most intermediaries from the value chain. Investors get easy access to a very stable asset class, that previously had high entry barriers and expensive fees. Funds get global access to capital for less fees and in a stable legal and technological framework.

the ecosystem will generate revenue from TaaS (Tokenization as a service for real estate funds), from fees on issuance of real estate tokens, and from subsequent fund performance fees.
Net profits of the operations of the exchange are distributed to TEM token holders. The management team will also receive dividend only through TEM tokens that they hold, the same as all other investors.
Each TEM token also represents a voting right in certain key strategic decisions regarding the development of

The real estate funds generate revenue from rental income of the underlying properties, as well as from capital gains realized upon selling properties / unwinding the fund.
All net profits from the real estate funds are distributed to the corresponding real estate tokens.

Both the TEM tokens as well as each real estate token, will be fully compliant financial instruments (eg. there will be a prospectus in line with regulation of each jurisdiction it is sold in).

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TEAM was initiated by a highly qualified team of Swiss-based professional with deep expertise in Real Estate investments, investment vehicles compliance, Swiss and international law, banking IT systems, smart contracts, cybersecurity, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Vincent Trouche, Chief Executive Officer

Antoine Chauvière, Real Estate Officer

Guillaume de Boccard, Legal Officer

Yousri El Antri, Finance & Regulatory Compliance Advisor

Christian Broillet, Blockchain & IT Officer

Michael Pamingle, Cybersecurity Officer

Benjamin Saïd, IT Infrastructure & Operations Officer

François Benveniste, Digital Officer

Anne Marie Jolivalt, Senior Blockchain Engineer

Rainer Kirchhofer, Product Design

Mehran Zaker, Partnerships & IR Officer

Barna Posta, Real Estate Partnerships

Steven Goodman, Marketing Officer

Jeff Frey, Community Manager

Aleksandra Duda, Marketing Manager