We provide an end-to-end solution for real estate fund managers to tokenize their fund, issue their own real estate tokens in form of cryptosecurities and access to a large pool of retail and institutional investors. Tokenestate.io will take care of all legal aspects, required technical solutions and the fund raising process. As a real estate asset manager, you focus on your core activity which is real estate development, Tokenestate.io will take care of the rest

Proven, audited, smart contract
to deploy your tokens on the Ethereum blockchain

Compliant legal framework
to structure your initial token offering

10x lower cost to raise capital
compared to classic IPO

Access to 265 billion $ crypto-market
looking for stable hedging opportunities

Highly liquid secondary market
on our specialized exchange

Investor compliance (KYC, AML)
handled by our exchange

Efficient and sleek onboarding for real estate funds

The most efficient way for a real estate fund to access retail investors is to use Tokenestate’s TaaS to issue tokenized securities and publicly offer them to investors around the world. We are currently onboarding real estate funds, please get in touch with our team if you are interested to use our service.

Are you a real estate asset manager?

Then you should get in touch with us to discuss how you could benefit from our marketplace for real estate tokens.