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Real Estate Tokens

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Thanks to Tokenestate.io anyone will be able to diversify a part of their savings into real estate easily with a few taps on their mobile device, removing most intermediaries from the value chain. Investors get easy access to a very stable asset class, that previously had high entry barriers and expensive fees. Funds get global access to capital for less fees and in a stable legal and technological framework.

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Tokenestate.io will be the ‘go-to’ app to invest in real estate internationally, where you will be able to explore various investment opportunities from different geographies and different investment strategies. By providing maximum amount of information we help our investors to take the best investment decision and easily build their portfolio of real estate tokens. With our user-friendly interface, we aim to create the best in class user experience for our investors.

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Real Estate Tokens Services

Tokenestate has been created with the objective of facilitating investing in real estate. We provide an end-to-end solution for real estate asset managers to issue their own Real Estate Token (RETO), and for investors to purchase and own RETOs.

With the Tokenestate platform, real estate asset managers have access to a cutting-edge Swiss ‘FinTech’ & ‘LegalTech’ platform using blockchain technology & digital signatures. Through the platform, real estate asset managers can raise capital more efficiently from both private and institutional investors alike.

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