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Real Estate is the Largest Asset Class Globally

Today, real estate is the largest asset class in the world, valued at US$217 trillion dollars. This represents about 60% of all the world’s assets, and is greater than the value of all the stocks and bonds combined. Yet it is one of the most difficult asset class to invest into, as only one third (US$81 trillion) of the global real estate asset are readily investible at scale.

Because their are so many intermediaries, fees, and inefficencies in the traditional investment process, investing in real estate used to have high entry barriers (minimum investment size), and the market was very illiquid (minimum investment durations, non-tradeable assets).

Real Estate Tokens – a very efficient solution leveraging newest blockchain technology

All these market inefficencies are solved thanks to the adoption of blockchain technology: By tokenizing real estate asset funds, we can create digital represantations of “stakes” in any investment portfolio. These real estate tokens are legally entitled to all economic benefits (dividend payouts) of the underlying portfolio. Furthermore, they can be easily traded on exchange platforms.

We rigorously examine all tokens before listing them

All real estate funds and tokens listed on our exchange are thoroughly vetted by our expert real estate and legal teams. Only when they pass our criteria and due diligence can they be listed on the exchange.

Investment opportunities for every profile

Our real estate portfolio experts assure that at any time there is a broad, diverse, offering of investment opportunities available on the exchange to enable you to fully customize your investment portfolio.

  • diverse geographies
  • different risk profiles
  • commercial and residential portfolios
  • both equity and debt instruments

Easily build a portfolio that matches your exact needs:

  • Access prioprietary market information provided by our real estate market experts
  • Monitor the performance of every token and it’s underlying fund in full transparency
  • Compare, mix, and optimize your portfolio at any time in full knowledge of all relevant data

First real estate tokens to be issued

Paris - Europe's Real Estate Investment Capital
Paris is poised to become the world’s top market for prime residential and commercial real estate according to Knight Frank. Strong fundamental demand in the market and growing post-election investor confidence the future of the French economy are the main drivers. Large scale infrastructure projects being realized as part of the 2024 Olympics are likely to help close the significant gaps in pricing between central Paris and the more distant suburbs. Consequently these outer areas show significant upward potential.
Berlin: Europe’s Answer to Silicon Valley
Berlin’s economy has been booming with unemployment rates dropping to record lows and strong employment growth. This is largely attributable to the rise of Berlin as Europe’s main hub for startup activity. The city has therefore been increasingly capable of marketing itself as a vibrant, youthful economic and cultural hub. While other cities such as Paris and Frankfurt compete for the financial services jobs that are likely to relocate post-Brexit, Berlin is the prime candidate to vie for tech companies looking to relocate their HQs to continental Europe.
Lisbon: Sunshine, Surfing and the Internet
The city has seen a spade of new development projects (both residential and commercial) over the past couple of years emerging as the market finally recovers from the ’08 financial crash.
From tourists to tech entrepreneurs and retirees – everyone loves Lisbon. It is no surprise that the city’s low price per sq m compared to other European capitals and its high quality of living are attracting investment from all walks of life. The recent decision to move WebSummit to Lisbon – one of the defining conferences of the tech industry – has helped put the city on the map. Meanwhile record tourism numbers are driving the prices of commercial real estate and residential real estate (often used for AirBnBs). Furthermore, overseas investors applying for Portugal’s highly attractive Golden Visa Program have also accounted for a significant number of transactions in the high-end residential real estate market.
The Ageing Society: High End Retirement Homes
The most important and irreversible trend globally, and especially in Europe is that of a rapidly ageing population. As baby boomers are reaching retirement age the demand for retirement housing is set to significantly expand. At we are confident that funds focusing on this niche area will benefit from the strong, long-term market fundamentals.
High-end retirement homes can often command a 30-40% premium over comparable non-retirement housing units making this a very attractive niche market for investors. Despite the shift in demographics, in Great Britain less than 2% of all private housing developments are geared towards the elderly. As the life expectancies of retirees is consistently increasing, many anticipate that they will benefit from the variety of services offered by such retirement communities. These may include on-site medical staff, chauffeurs, barrier-free construction.
Impact Driven Funds: Real Estate Investment as a Force for Good firmly believes that real estate investment can be a force for good in any society, if applied responsibly. Consequently, we plan on partnering with a range of funds focused on delivering strong impact investment-aligned strategies. These include but are not limited to funds that invest in the development of social/low-income housing, eco-friendly development opportunities, desaster relief, and in underserved communities.

Future strategic expansion of the real estate tokens listed

To further diversify the offering on our exchange we will look beyond our initially listed tokens. We will build partnerships with real estate funds in the following markets:

Are you a real estate asset manager?

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