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About Tokenestate

Tokenestate SA is a FinTech & LegalTech company based in Neuchâtel & Geneva, Switzerland. It has been founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs, techies & financial professionals keen to realize the promise of security tokens and to democratize investing.

By using blockchain technology and digital signatures, Tokenestate is developing a disruptive platform to make it faster, chearper and easier to invest in companies in real estate.

With the Tokenestate platform, private companies and real estate asset managers have access to an alternative way to raise financing and expanding their investor base.

The Tokenestate Team

  Vincent Trouche, CEO

Benjamin Saïd, CTO

Mehran Zaker, COO

Anne Marie Jolivalt, CPO

Yousri El Antri, Finance         & Compliance



Rue de Carouge 24, Geneva

Tokenestate SA

Rue de Carouge, 24

CH – 1205 Geneva