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The complete platform to issue Swiss Security Tokens & digitally manage investors

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Easier, Faster & Cheaper Investments

Tokenestate is here to make investing in companies & real estate easier, faster and cheaper by using blockchain & digital signature technologies.

With Tokenestate, businesses can:

  • Easily issue financial securities
  • Sell in Switzerland & abroad
  • Comply with financial regulation
  • Allow investors to buy & sell securities
  • Manage investor relationships digitally

At Tokenestate we’re in digitizing investors & investments.

What is a Security Token?

A Security Token (‘Jeton d’Investissement’ in French) is the representation of a regulated financial security by means of a digital asset on a blockchain. So instead of being represented by a piece of paper, or in an offline database, the security is represented using an decentralized and tamper-proof database using Distributed Ledger Technology or Blockchain.

In Switzerland, the book-entry of self-issued uncertificated securities is unregulated. Swiss companies are free to use whatever registry they see fit. Consequently, most Swiss commercial or industrial companies are free to issue their own Security Token, provided that they observe applicable regulation, in particular Anti-Money Laundering regulation.

Why are Security Tokens a game-changer?

Shareholder registry. Private companies automatically maintain an up-to-date and fully auditable shareholder register

Fundraising. Private companies can sell securities to hundreds or thousands of investors by automating away the fundraising and share issuance process

Secondary market. Private companies can organize the buying & selling of their securities by using decentralized brokerages such as Tokenestate, or by listing their securities on a Security Token exchange.

Digital General Assemblies. By using security tokens and digital signatures, private companies can manage a large number of shareholders, and efficiently process proxy form & votes.

The Tokenestate Platform


Efficiently raise funds from private and institutional investors. Gather their personal information, get key documents signed and collect funds on an escrow account

Secondary market

Organise the buying and selling of your shares through the Tokenestate platform. Efficiently process pre-emption rights and transfer restrictions


Run investors through Swiss-compliant Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks. Sell securities in compliance with Swiss & International regulation

ST Management

Manage your securities and investors through the Tokenestate platform. Issue proof-of-ownership, manage proxies & run votes

More on Tokenestate

Tokenestate is a Swiss FinTech & LegalTech platform. Our mission is to make investing in private companies and real estate assets simpler. Thanks to our Software-as-a-Service solution based on blockchain technology and e-signatures, businesses can easily raise funds and investors efficiently invest without costly intermediaries or time-consuming paper-based processes. Tokenestate: investing made simple.

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TEAM was initiated by a highly qualified team of Swiss-based professional with deep expertise in Real Estate investments, investment vehicles compliance, Swiss and international law, banking IT systems, smart contracts, cybersecurity, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

  Vincent Trouche, CEO
Vincent is an Entrepreneur and Business Developer who believes in the transformational nature of technology, and is building new business models to induce positive changes in peoples’ lives. Over the past four years, he has launched startups and products using emerging technologies ranging from Virtual Reality to the Internet of Things. Vincent has previously worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company, and in commodity trading in China. He holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from INSA of Lyon in France, and an MBA with Distinction from INSEAD.
Benjamin Saïd, CTO
Mehran Zaker, COO
Yousri El Antri, Finance         & Compliance
Anne Marie Jolivalt, CPO

Advisory board

Florian Ducommun, Advisory Board Member
Florian Ducommun is the founder of HDC Legal in Lausanne. His activity is mainly focused in addressing the legal issues companies are confronted with in the digital area. As an advisory board member, he provides guidance on the legal and operational aspects of tokenizing financial instruments. Florian is very active in the blockchain space, and a member of the Capital Market & Technology Association.
Philippe Beckers, Advisory Board Member
Philippe Beckers has 20 years of experiences in the investment fund industry covering the complete value chain from investment strategy to marketing, asset management, risk management and fund administration. He is accredited by the Swiss Regulator (FINMA) and the Luxembourgish Financial Authority (CSSF). Very active within the Swiss Fintech & Proptechscene, Philippe Beckers supports the transfer of new technologies into the real estate sector.
Fabien Gillioz, Partner at Ochsner & Associés
Alexandre de Boccard, Partner at Ochsner & Associés
François Benveniste, Digital Marketing Expert
Antoine Chauvière, Real Estate expert